Australian made skin care

Our waterless, Australian made skin care that's effective and uncomplicated without breaking the budget.

The difference behind this Australian skin care brand

Made by a mum who lives by the sea

Rachel, Founder of Kiika Skin

I’m Rachel, founder of Kiika Skin.

As a Melbourne mum of two teens and currently living on the Mornington Peninsula, I’m passionate about helping people of all ages get good healthy skin using simple and affordable solutions, just as nature intended.

You see, I know how poorly cared for skin can really take a toll on your confidence but I’m also not a fan of the harsh, chemical-laden products that tend to bombard our shelves. 

When I finally decided to invent the products I was searching for, I worked closely with a biochemist and began perfecting the ultimate value-for-money and environmentally-friendly Kiika range into what it is today.

  • 💦 Because here’s the thing… 95% of what’s inside the products you buy is actually just water.

  • 💦 We love water. But we don’t believe you should pay for it.

  • 💦 So, we formulated a range using just the RAW ingredients and leave adding the water part up to you… meaning there is no need for chemicals, and you can even customise the consistency how you please. A little will certainly go a long way.

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  • Australian skincare that’s simple, effective and great for sensitive skin...

  • What we put in

    ✅ Australia’s most beautiful, enriching clean and green mineral-rich ingredients derived from mother earth

    ✅ Real fruits and vegetable extracts

    ✅ Lightweight, environmentally friendly packaging.

  • What we leave out

    ❌ Harmful chemicals

    ❌ Sulfates

    ❌ Parabens

    ❌ PEGs

    ❌ Synthetic Colours 

    ❌ Fragrances

    ❌ Non-mineral oil

    ❌ Petrolatum 

    ❌ Paraffin Wax

    ❌ Animal cruelty

    … and water!

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  • Natural Ingredients
  • Kiika Skin | Australian Made
  • Biochemist Formulated
  • Vegan Made
  • Cruelty Free
  • Waterless

Made with the star ingredient:

All-natural Australian Kaolin

Kiika Skin White Australian Clay

Why you’ll love the feel of Australian Kaolin on your skin…

No matter if you have oily, dry, combination or acne-prone skin, the natural zinc in Kaolin Clay is known for balancing oil production, absorbing sebum, and preventing your pores from clogging.

A gentle yet powerful ingredient, we specifically use White Kaolin Clay as it is deeply cleansing without causing any irritation or redness… perfect for those with sensitive skin.

If you’re asking, is Kaolin safe to use every day, the answer is yes! So, move over the products with long lists of lab-made ingredients and simplify your day, beginning with your beauty regime using better-for-you ingredients.

  • Deep Pore Detox

    Step 1: Deep Pore Detox

    Draw out impurities, remove hidden toxins and finally balance the PH of your skin with your White Australian Clay Deep Pore Detox once or twice a week.

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  • Intense Microderm Brightening

    Step 2: Intense Microderm Brightening

    Get that daily deep clean that’s gentle on the skin for a brighter, smoother, and more even skin tone that leaves you looking totally refreshed.

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Plus, Kiika’s promise to you…

🤗 Friendly customer service with fast response times

🌏 World-wide shipping

💚 Environmentally friendly packaging

Be comfortable in your own skin.

Australian made skincare. Come unearth your natural beauty.